The rocky road

joy in the hard places
is there joy in the hard places?

There was a path up a mountain in Yosemite National Park that narrowed and became quite steep.

Alone with just my camera, a bit of doubt came creeping close. Was this a good idea, this trekking by myself in unknown territory?

As I followed the curving, climbing pass it became more and more difficult to discern exactly where it was leading, if it was actually leading anywhere at all. I began to wonder if I was following or just wandering. Ever felt that anxiety of being lost? I wasn’t quite sure if I should keep going forward or go back the way I had come.  But, the funny thing is that at each new height I reached, there was some beauty propelling me further. Eventually I was blocked by a huge rock and treacherous groups of ankle biting smaller rocks, and I stood still, weighing the risk involved in those next steps. Isn’t that how it always is? There’s this weighing of things, this trying desperately to find a way to balance. It’s like a dance of two steps forward, ten steps back, the “Y” in the road, turn left, turn right, or just plain turn. How will we ever know if we are going in the right direction at all? Is there progress or are we simply stuck in the lost and found waiting for someone who sees the big picture to pluck us out and set us on course again.

Just as I was really beginning to feel a bit distressed, I heard voices from above me. Above me on the path, that I could no longer even discern because of the blockade of boulders, came two people who had hiked all the way to the top. I never would have thought there was a way to take even one more step.

Doesn’t God have a great way of showing us His view through others? I hope you have been blessed by someone who walked alongside you on those rocky paths and helped you pick your way through the rubble of troubles. Yes, sometimes you have to go left, sometimes right and sometimes you even have to turn around completely to find that path to the top. When you find yourself at that impasse, and you don’t see a way, know that there are truths to cling to.

You are not walking a path that has not been traveled before you, and there is a way through. And the most amazing thing is that He leaves little moments of beauty to propel you toward Him. Dig out your Bible, you’ll find amazing truth to light your way.

Isaiah 30:21 ‘If you go the wrong way–to the right or to the left–you will hear a voice behind you saying, “This is the right way. You should go this way.” ‘

And my friends, every new day, I look for His way. It’s the easiest path to the top. Join me, there’s a beautiful view!

1 thought on “The rocky road

  1. YES! There is joy in the hard places…that’s part of the beautiful mystery of our LORD!

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